Shipping Instructions

Antique Clock Shipping Methods

Posted by Dale Sowell NAWCC Message Board on April 19, 2000.

The clock (or any similar fragile item) must have the inside of its case packed with crushed newspaper tightly and completely. There should be a thick piece of white paper placed between the hands and the dial then a small piece between the hand shaft and the glass.  All glass should be secured with tape of about a 1" wide all around its out side door frame (this will prevent the glass from vibrating and thus breaking during shipment).  The case should then be wrapped in about 6 layers of bubble wrap to completely incase the clock on ALL sides.  A strong over size box should then be used that will allow a minimum of 6" of clearance on all sides of the item. I do not believe in the use of peanuts to protect an old Clock as they will allow the item to shift during transit and the result is damage.  Use lots of crushed newspaper to make a 6" thick bed in the bottom of the box then place the wrapped clock on this at which time you may proceed and finish the job by using more crushed paper around the sides and ends and lastly the top (TIGHTLY!!!!).  If you did this correctly you should have to force the top closed a bit to allow for taping the box closed.  I have been shipping clocks for over 25 years and have not had a single damage claim but have received many damaged items from others over the years.  I know this will not cover every single instance of packing but a little common sense should tell you that packing the item inside and outside tightly so it won't shake and then allow lots of room all around the sides with a shock absorbent material (old crushed newspapers) and you should be safe. This is cheap, easy, professional & safe!  If this helps save one old clock from needless damage then I have done my job...Dale.

Make sure the clock is well packed, insured and shipped via USPS or UPS.  I prefer USPS priority because it ships via air most times and therefore is not subject to the vibration of a truck shipment. Please feel free to contact me if you have any additional questions.