Mantel Clocks

Waterbury Iron Front Clock. 30 hour Circa 1860. Priced at $250.
Seth Thomas "Lily" Bronze with Gold Panel. 8 day strike hours on Cathedral gong and half hours on cup bell. H 11.5" W 8.5" Priced at $ 350.00
Gilbert Porcelain Clock No. 430. It is a eight day strike with half hour on bell. H 10.75" W. 9 " rich peacock blue color. Priced at $550.00.
Ansonia Waco eight day,with half hour strike on cathedral Gong. Height 11.75" Width 10" Nice mantel clock circa 1900. Priced at $550.00
German Bim Bam A nice German case with brand new bim-bam movement on two bells. Strikes two notes (bim bam) for each hour on hour and once at half hour. Clock is on display at Hickory Antiques Mall, Hwy 70 SW Hickory NC. Price is $225.
Ingraham Black Mantle Clock A nice Ingraham 8 Day Time & Strike with a Bell strike on the half hour. The clock is 17 1/2" wide x 11"tall x 7" deep. Clock is on display at Hickory Antiques Mall , Hwy 70 SW, Hickory NC. Price is $250.
French Time Only Marble Clock A beautiful French roulant time only movement and marble case. Weighs in at healthy 22+ pounds. Priced at $625.00.
Sessions Mantle Clock A nice refinished Sessions Mantle clock with porclain dial. This is a 8 day Time and Strike with a bell strike on half hour. Recently rebuilt and on display at Hickory Antiques Mall , Hwy 70 SW, Hickory, NC. Price is $250.
Seth Thomas Beehive Mantle Clock. Eight day time and Strike. Price is $175. On display at Hickory Antiques Mall , Hwy 70 SE Hickory NC.
Ingraham Palace Stamped 1927 with Enameled wood case. 5" Dial with Convex glass. Height 11" Length 20 1/2" . 8 Day Time and Strike. Price $ 250.00 On Display at Hickory Antiques Mall Hwy 70 SE.
Steeple clock by George S Brigden, Norwich, Conn. 1810-1830 From the American Clock by Distin and Bishop. 19 1/2 " high by 10"wide by 4"deep. Pinned plated movement. Print mounted in lower tablet. Mr Ernst Lail purchased clock form Edward Matthey in Roslyn, NY. Clock is on display at Hickory Antiques Mall Hwy 70 SE, Hickory NC. Clock has been serviced and runs well. Price $600.

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Plated Movement
New Haven Description from New Haven catalog (reprint) 1887 No. 26 Brass Finish Metal clock. 13 1/2" high by 15" wide by 6" deep. Dial is 5 1/2". 8 Day Time and Strike with visible escapement. Dial is printed with G. Duke Sons & Co. Clock has been serviced and runs well. Priced at $810.00.

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A.D. Mougin

Black Slate mantel clock by A.D. Mougin-Paris (c.1890). This clock is an 8 Day time and strike movement with a visible Brocot escapement. Dial is 3.5 inches with a beveled glass. Case is 10"h by 16"l by 7"d and weighs 30 pounds. Priced at $685.00.